Price: From R95 000.00

SKU/Item Number: SMF16XXL

Skymaster ARF PLUS 1/5 scale F16  Lengte 3060mm Wing 2055mm Power 21-31Kg

Available in wide variety of colours!

Skymaster 1/5 F16

Price: From R95 000.00

SKU/Item Number: SMHAXXL

Skymaster ARF PLUS 1/3.65 scale Hawk Length 3330mm Wing 2700mm

Power 21—31Kg

Available in Hawk T1 and Hawk 100. Visit web for colours available

Skmaster 1/3.65 Hawk T1 & Hawk100

Price: From R85 000.00


Skymaster Viper Jet 1/2.5 Length 3380mm Wing 3560mm 

Power 26—31Kg

Skymaster Viper Jet XXL

Price: From R95 000.00

Text Box: SKU/Item Number: SMF4XXL

Skymaster 1/6 ARF PLUS F4 Phantom Length 3300mm Wing  2100mm

Power 2 x 16—21 Kg or Single 31Kg

Skymaster 1/6 F4 Phantom

Price: From R95 000.00

SKU/Item Number: SMA19

Skymaster 1/6 ARF PLUS F18 Hornet Length 2968mm Wing 1988mm

 Power 2 x 14-18Kg or single 21Kg

Skymaster 1/6 F18 Hornet

Price: From R25 000.00

Text Box: Range of Turbines for Jet models

Jetcat and Kingtech Turbines

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